Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Im a star bitches!

People have always asked me to do another video. So I finally decided to do one. It is a wonderful song, and I feel I do it justice.
Thanks again for still paying attention to my rants and rambles, and I hope you didn't find the last two posts too preachy.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I just want to do everything I can

First off, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to whichever reader donated 75 dollars towards my Invisible Children fund to help me reach my goal. I also wanted to thank everyone else who helped volunteer.

I recently found a new organization that I think the Porn industry should really be more informed on, and should be taking about. It is called Hope takes action. Here is a quick link to the website.

They are an organization that is doing research and an experimental study on a HIV vaccine. The vaccine is not meant to be something that you take once and then you never have to worry about HIV but with enough research, they can come up with something that can strengthen the immune system so people are less likely to contract the virus.

I must have been naive in Houston, because I did not realize how much of a problem HIV is in the gay community. I have met so many people in Orlando that are infected it kinda makes my head spin.

The worst part about meeting all of these people, is that most of the people that are fully honest about having it and taking the right steps to take care of it are treated like outcasts as if they have the plague.

Now, I understand most people will be uncomfortable having sex with someone who has HIV for multiple reasons but lets think about some things. When you are having sex with someone who has HIV you know how careful you have to be, because you know what to expect. When you are having a random Adam4Adam, Grindr, or likewise sites... You might be more inclined to get a little crazy and do risky behavior that can put you at risk to contract HIV. If you know the person has HIV the boundaries are already set, which to me makes it easier to know what you can and and can't do. This does limit your options on how crazy you get, but sex can still be fun.

I'm the first to admit that as long as a person is upfront and honest with me, I can get over the fact that they have HIV. Am I extra cautious, of course. But to treat people with HIV like they are some freak is just plain rude.

We need to stand as one to show the world that we are no different just because we are gay, whether we have HIV or not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is a crazy hot mess

I know its been almost two months since I updated. I haven't quite got the hang of blogging without someone (aka Logan) hounding me to do it all the time. Life has been crazy busy since I updated and a lot has happened.
Im about to celebrate 2 months of having a boyfriend. We celebrate that on Wednesday. He is really good for me. He accepts my past, and lets me be myself but also challanges is me to think in new ways. There will be more details about him later. ;)
I have really stepped up my game in the hair world and feel I have grown tremendously. Me and my best friend in school entered a school wide fashion competition and our group won best make up! Here are a few photos to give yall a taste of what I looked like.
I just recently started hitting the gym and laying out in the sun in preparation for Gay days 2011 and my birthday. Both of which are the first weekend in June. If you are going to be coming to Gay Days, let me know. I would love to stop in and say hi.
I would like to end this post with making note that if you notice on the side I added a box for donations to an organization called Invisible children. I started doing this fundraiser to do my part in helping out in this world. God knows that I wouldn't be where I am today if people more fortunate than I hadn't stepped in and helped me out, so I am just trying to do my part and pay it forward. If you could think about donating, even if its just a dollar it would really mean a lot to me. You can also either click the link to the right or click this link both will take you right to my page.
And for anyone who is going to ask, yes i put my real name in there, because the blog is no longer about Aiden and the life that was his porn career, but is about the life of a young man trying to figure out what to do with himself after having a crazy couple of growing up years. I'm looking forward to re connecting with all of my readers.
Love you bitches,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its 2011 Bitches.....

Ive received several e-mails lately asking what has happened to me, so I figured a blog post was in order.

First off, Happy 2011! Its already shaping up to be an adventurous year, and if it is anything like 2010 it will be a lot of fun and fly by.

So in the 9 months it has been since I last wrote I have been through a lot, and come out a much stronger person. I have fallen in love, and had my heart broken. I have started a new school that is shaping up to give me a wonderful career. I quit a job that I thought was my dream job, to get a new one that has already been more of a blessing than anything I've ever had before. Ive been disowned my parents once again. I have created a family here in Orlando that is unique but loving none the less. I've been through more hairstylists than some people go through in a lifetime. I went through a celibate phase, that I'm starting to give up. So where to begin....

I am going to begin to say what my plan for 2011 is. 2010 was my year of figuring out who I really am as a person, so this year I am implementing that in making my life better than ever and being all I can be. I'm doing a pretty good job of it already. I have started to stand up for myself, and am making sure that only people who are the best for me get my free time.

I will be writing more explaining my 2010 in more detail but each of the statements I made above deserve at least a blog post each. So I am putting it out there to you, the reader, to decide what you hear about first. Let me know!

I may have gone away for a while, but I'm back. Be prepared. 2011 is going to be an intense year!

Love you bitches,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sharpening my Shank...

I've been doing porn since the weekend of Hurricane Ike. For those of you not from Houston that was almost two years ago... For most of that time I've had some conversations with Mr.Diesel Washington. (MOST of which have been playful jest.) Now don't get me wrong when I post this I think Diesel is a fine porn performer. He takes his work seriously, he knows how to market himself (a vital skill that many new porn models should model after him), and Mason tells me he is incredibly nice guy. (Though every time Mason and I talk about Mr.Washington he seems to get taller and taller in the stories. I think he's up to 9 feet tall according to Mason.) There have been incidents where Diesel went after the Twink Models and often decided that I would alluded to, or times where he had a few choice words for me, but thats water under the bridge and I'm glad he came out of retirement because I could never wish ill on another comic book junky. No scratch that... Diesel is the king of the gay comic book world. You need to check out his blog and you'll see how hardcore Marvel this guy is and I respect that! But as much fun and poking as he's at my expense and I at his... I beg of you Diesel... PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Be gentle with Derrek Diamond! I love him and his perfect body and I would die if anything happened to him! Derrek is everything that is beautiful and perfect in the world and I know how you like to give it fast and hard.

Just look at how perfect Derrek is... Diesel please send him home intact...

Okay so here is the game plan I'm going to put together a grassroots militia to be on Standby while Diesel has his way with my precious porn love Derrek. We are going to be sharpening our dildos and anal beads and be ready to create an angry mob to stop Diesel if he doesn't listen to Derrek's safe word...

Aiden, why is this such a big deal you ask? Well look what he said to Zachary Sire!

@ZacharySire Im going to treat that ass like it stole money from Me, slapped my mother, killed my dog, and busted windows out of my car!!

I've been on the end of his wraith and I didn't do anything remotely close to any of this! So whose with me! We need to protect Derrek! So join my cause and together we will protect that perfect man from having to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. (I've seen Diesel's videos! He's an aggressive top!) Why... Because I'm insanely Jealous Diesel gets it and I probably never will :(

Not even going to sign this happy... and in all lower case . aiden ash.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sex, Sex, SEX!!!!!

I want to first off apologize for it taking so long for this to get out. Ive been working between 40-50 hours a week, and taking classes... I know I've said it before so I am just going to say to my fans I thank you for sticking with me it means a lot.

So as you all know, I love sex. Its why I love that I have gotten many opportunities to get paid to do it, because it is something I enjoy a lot. I've always wanted to explain to all my readers and get their feedback on how i view sex. I view sex as something that can happen on 4 different levels.

1. Hookup/Bathhouse/Work sex
2. Friend Sex
3. Sex with Feelings
4. Love Making

1. Hookup/Bathhouse/Work Sex

This kind of sex is pretty self explanatory. It generally does no involve feelings and generally is only good for gratification right here and now and leaves no lasting effect. I have had some really good sex like this (my scene with Rad Matthews, and my Broke Straight boys scenes) and some really bad sex like this. I have come to learn that a lot of gay guys only like this kind of sex. It is my least favorite

2. Friend Sex

This is the kind of sex that involves friends with benefits and can sometimes involve feelings but generally does not. I can't really give much details with this because I don't have this kind of sex because it makes friendships really awkward in my opinion. For a lot of people this is the only thing that gets them off though.

3. Sex with Feelings

This kind of sex is pretty self explanatory, its sex that involves feelings. Its more than a hook up because if you are having this kind of sex you hope and/or plan to keep the person you're having sex with around for a good bit. This is the most tricky sex in my opinion because sometimes one of the people is having this kind of sex while the other may think its a hookup or sex with friends kind of thing. I am the worst person that unless it is clearly expressed as a hook up I will assume it is sex with feelings. I love sex just as much as the next guy, but I do my best to have the sex I have outside of work mean something. That may make me sound like a dumb twink, but okay with being a dumb twink if it means I get to have great sex. Sex with feelings usually ends up being worlds better than Sex with friends or Sex as a hook up.

4. Love making

This kind of sex again is self explanatory. Love making, in my opinion, generally takes love planning but when it takes you by suprise it is the best sex of all. For me, this kind of sex is where the real orgasms are at. Knowing the person you are having sex loves you just makes my whole body shiver and makes me moan extra loudly. I have luckily been blessed to have love making with two people life. I have talked with people who are much older who have never experienced this kind of sex. Giving yourself to one so completely that only they and you having sex matters can be risky but it so more than worth it. I recommend everyone have love making as much and as often as they can.

I may have a favorite kind of sex, but in the end any kind of sex is still worth it in my opinion, as long as you are being safe and having fun. No one deserves a shortened life because of an orgasm. Please, please, please know I may love sex and have it often, but I am always safe in hopes that I can entertain people for many years to come.

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of these and know what your favorite kind of sex is. So please leave comments so we can start a good discussion.

Love you bitches!

Aiden <3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Am Sorry!

Okay, Okay, Okay, So maybe I underestimated the amount of time and effort this internship was going to take! (Shouldn't they pay you more if you work your butt off?) And like I did tweet I'm going to put a more thought out blog up once I've proofed it a bit but I just thought I'd say 'Hello! I'm Alive.' And I'd just answer a few blog comments.

I have taken the advice of one guy and made it where I don't have to moderate what is said. That way there can be more discussions going on.

Logan's Helga Von 'Unt blog is alright. I wouldn't call it hilarious but I think it is him when he is drunk bitching about stuff in our circle of friends. I'm interested to see if he continues to write it or he lets it go to wayside.

I'd also like to wish Logan a Happy Belated 25th Birthday and a speedy surgery recovery. (He had surgery on the 17th to remove some Polyps on his vocal cords lets all hope they're not cancerous.) It's completely changed his voice too! He now has this booming deep voice its scary.

I'm doing well myself. I'm really enjoying Florida and the weather! I just work so much! Its not unusual that I pull a ten hour plus day and that usually will be all the shifts I do in a week. Nine hours one day, ten the next, twelve the next. Thank God for days off! The real balancing act is that I'm enrolled in classes back in Houston so I have to do that on my days and try to work fun into my schedule for the sake of my own sanity!

I have not abandoned the porn world. It is still something that I have in my life and I'm still in touch with my contacts. Unfortunately porn careers don't last forever and rumor is that twink careers are even shorter so I have to focus on things sometimes that will prep me for life after porn. So that's where I am at right now. Though I was really thrilled to be made fun of by Zach Sire today. Though I have a feeling covering myself in food product will haunt me the rest of my life! (But I had really good sex after the "shoot" thats all that matters.) And for the record Diesel made me his arch-nemesis. I never raised my voice at the big loveable teddy bear!

To all my Houston boys: Mason, Marcus, Porter, Logan. - - Etc, Etc, Etc : I miss you guys and you better come out visit me soon! We'll go to the beach and to the bars and play Window Bingo at Parliament House!

I will post a blog of more substance once I proof it a bit.